Give a Unique Christmas Gift This Year - Give the Gift of Flowers

If you are dreading one more trip to the mall this Christmas season, you are certainly not alone. Many people have grown weary of the rampant consumerism and madness that come with the modern holiday season. They are looking for a gift that is more heartfelt and less commercial than the ones found at the local mall, and for many that gift comes with a floral element.

No matter who is on your gift list, the gift of flowers is sure to be appreciated and enjoyed long after the mistletoe has been taken down and the tree has been put away. Your friends and relatives will remember your generosity, appreciate your creativity and thank you for your kindness. You might even start a new family tradition with your unique take on the holiday gift giving season.

Welcome Your Holiday Guests with Fresh Flowers

If you are looking for a different idea for your annual holiday wreath, you can create your own floral wreath with a few dollars worth of materials and your own creativity. Start by picking up a fresh bouquet of flowers, then head to the craft store for a wreath form, a hot glue gun and some other basic supplies. The people at the craft store can help you gather everything you need.

Once you get home, you can use the wreath form to create a door hanging you will be proud to display to the neighbors. Once you get the hang of it, you can even make a wreath for everyone on your holiday gift list. Pretty soon, your friends, coworkers and relatives will be looking forward to your new floral creation year after year.

A New Take on the Old Gift Basket

A gift basket can be a wonderful holiday gift, but all gift baskets are not created equal. The ready-made gift baskets at the mall can be pretty generic, and the products they contain often leave a lot to be desired.

If you want to give a gift basket your friends will actually want to receive, start with a quality basket and fill it with your own fresh ingredients. If you love to bake, you can fill your gift basket with homemade goodies and top it off with a vase of fresh flowers. If your best friend is an avoid reader, you can fill a flat basket with an assortment of new novels and top it off with a homemade bookmark made with pressed and dried flowers.

Anyone can head to the mail and buy the latest must-have gadget, but those gifts can be pretty boring. If you want to do something unique this year, consider giving the gift of flowers instead.

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