Bring Back Cherished Holiday Memories - Give Fresh Flowers This Thanksgiving

Everyone has their own special memories of Thanksgiving and the holiday season. Whether it is traveling to Grandma's house on a bright sunny fall day or making shopping plans around the Thanksgiving table, these are memories you will carry with you always.

One of the great things about the holiday season is that it gives you a chance to recreate old family traditions while creating new ones. If you have children, you probably want to give them the memories you cherish from your old childhood. Whether those memories involve setting up a model train platform in the basement or cutting down a fresh Christmas tree, you want to share your special memories with those you love the most. At the same time, you want to create new holiday traditions that belong to your new family alone, and the Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time to get started.

If you are looking for a great Thanksgiving holiday tradition to start with your new family, consider giving the gift of fresh flowers to yourself and the people you love. You can start by using fresh fall flowers to decorate your own home and holiday table, then think about how to incorporate those beautiful blossoms into the gifts you give your friends and family.

If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your home, think about your existing decorating theme and how fresh flowers can brighten your table, kitchen and serving area. One of the great things about flowers is the abundance of colors. Whether your home is decorated in autumn colors or brighter shades, you can find fresh flowers that will fit right in.

If you are heading out to visit family or friends this Thanksgiving season, be sure to bring a bouquet of fresh flowers for the host or hostess. A bright array of fresh flowers will is the perfect topper to any holiday table, and the cook will be happy to incorporate the blooms into the centerpiece.

You can make Thanksgiving dinner even more special by bringing a second bouquet for the kitchen or living room. The kitchen is a busy place on Thanksgiving day, and the cooks can probably use a bit of brightening up. If you are arriving before dinner, bring a spare vase and present it to your host. A vase full of flowers is just the thing for dressing up a boring kitchen windowsill.

If your arrival time is a bit later, the vase full of fresh flowers you bring will look just as great in the living room. The dining room might be busy during Thanksgiving dinner, but the TV room will be just as packed after the meal has been served. A vase of red roses, colorful mums or other fresh flowers can dress up the room and give it a bit of post-holiday style.

When the holiday season is over, you can continue your new floral tradition with dried flowers. Just take a few of your favorite blooms from the holiday centerpiece or vase (and invite your kids to do the same). Dry the flowers and use them as bookmarks, floral d├ęcor or any way you wish. You can even use a sprig of dried flowers to dress up your holiday packages as you put them under the tree. Giving and getting fresh flowers and creating crafts with dried ones can become part of your new family tradition.

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